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Difference Between Gas and Electric Furnaces

Difference Between Gas and Electric Furnaces

Furnaces are among the oldest forms of heating. If you’re looking for options, you’ll find electric and gas models at the top of the list. Each of them is a proven choice with its own benefits. If you’re ready to buy, consider the advantages of each below.

Difference Between Gas and Electric Furnaces


Heating coils are powered by electricity in these furnaces. An intake grate draws air into the coils, which heat it as it passes over them, and then a blower pushes it into your ducts. They are installed directly into your home wiring on their own circuit and connected to a thermostat that monitors your home’s temperature.

Set your desired temperature, and the system will cycle on and off to maintain it. Due to safety, these units are in high demand. There is no risk of gas leaks or gas byproducts, such as carbon monoxide. Moreover, they don’t use open flames, so fire risks are reduced.

With proper care, furnaces can last up to 20 years and require little maintenance. Every year, an inspection is recommended. Professionals will examine the heating coils and casing for cracks and debris buildup that could affect the unit’s efficiency.

Electric Furnaces


Gas units use natural gas or propane instead of electricity. A metal exchanger is heated by fuel and open flames. As the air passes through your ductwork, the cold outdoor air is warmed.

Gas units are highly efficient and can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to provide the warmest air even in freezing temperatures. They are also reliable because they do not rely on the grid.

During a storm, you’ll still have heat if the power goes out. Homeowners seeking to lower their carbon footprint will have plenty to gain from these eco-friendly systems. There is a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide produced by these technologies.

These units also require annual inspections. HVAC technicians will clean the pilot light and flame sensor to have no interference with the system. Moreover, they’ll ensure all gas line connections are tight to prevent leaks.

Gas Furnaces

Do You Need Service on Your Gas or Electric Furnace

If you have a gas or electric furnace, and you’ve discovered that you need service and repair on either your gas or electric furnace, give the Brownsburg furnace installation and repair specialists and Mr. HVAC Guy a call as soon as possible! 

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